May 04, 2007 - May 06, 2007

UST 1.1 New York City

The First Mini Ultimate Sports Trip

36 Miles. 3 games in 3 days. 1 Trading Floor Tour of the NYSE.

Jammed a mini trip into NYC around some work related events. Mixed in a couple classics, with Yankee Stadium and the New York Stock Exchange (yes, it counts on the itinerary) and a couple of NHL playoff games, so it was short but sweet. We also made the only mistake in UST history by planning on, but not playing Bethpage Black because we stayed out too late the night before. Never again.

May 4 2007: Wall Street, NYC. New York Stock Exchange. UST tours the trading floor.

The ultimate boys club. Great energy when you walk through the door and onto the floor. Met the Berkshire Hathaway market maker who was happy to tell us what Warren Buffet expects and to give a little demo. Friday afternoon showed with lots of guys sitting around talking sports. Great to see the floor before the slow bleed takes it away. The traders loved Ultimate Sports Trip – and why wouldn’t they – it’s all about intensity.

May 4 2007: Bronx, NY. Yankee Stadium. Mariners vs. Yankees. Yankees lose 15 – 11.

Great seats behind home plate. Thanks Kim. Bizarre game with over 30 hits (was Hideki Irabu pitching?!). Caught the train to the game and watched with a few friends of UST. Good thing we mixed in Yankee Stadium before it was torn down.

May 5 2007: East Rutherford, NJ. Continental Arena. Senators vs. Devils. Devils lose 3 – 2.

NHL Playoffs. Second round. Can we be honest? Continental Airlines Arena sucks. The Devils must have run, not walked to their new arena the next season. Senators fans were annoying, and there were a lot of them. Rode the bus back to NYC with the drunk Devils and Sens fans. Some drunkard New Yorker “at least I live in the greatest city in the world and don’t have to live in Ottawa.” This loss bounced the Devils from the playoffs, losing the series four games to one.

May 6 2007: Manhattan, NY. Madison Square Garden. Sabres vs. Rangers. Rangers lose 5 – 4.

More second round NHL Playoffs. UST was the home team cooler for this trip. Rangers were also bounced from the playoffs with this loss. You’re welcome New York! Great fans and experience at MSG. Loved the post goal celebrations and the boos for Rangers defenceman Marek Malik, who the previous season was loved by the fans for scoring a between the legs shootout goal with no previous goals that season. I guess when you suck, the welcome wears out quickly in NYC. Who knew?!

Other Highlights:

Watching the Rangers fans call out “Chewy” every time a certain concession guy walked by our section sporting a significant amount of facial hair. Chewy is still working games today. Would love to know how long he’s worked MSG.

The steaks, but especially the crab cakes, at Del Frisco’s in Manhattan. Fantastic. Also fantastic: the pizza at some place behind the Goldman Sachs building at 85 Broad.

The only screw up in the history of Ultimate Sports Trip. We had planned to get up super early and play Bethpage Black on Saturday morning. Instead we stayed out too late on Friday night and missed our opportunity (for now) at one of the best courses in the country. Still can’t believe we did this.

Fred S didn’t attend the Yankees game on Friday night. Instead, he went to a Raptors playoff game against the Nets. Loyalty runs deep, but that’s a little offside. Thumbs down to Fred S – its Yankee Stadium!